Release: Kimino-Museum – Liminality -幻想と現実の境界で-

君の美術館(Kimino-Museum) just recently released a new short album Liminality -幻想と現実の境界で-. This album contains 6 track, 3 vocal tracks sang by 723, fi-fy and Sassy. the last 3 tracks are instrumental versions of the first 3 tracks.
The mini-album was released on september 9th at an unknow event for 500 yen. As with all other 君の美術館(Kimino-Museum) albums, the vocalist are backd up by great musicians; PHEVOTT (Guitar, Piano), Jhojia (Guitar), Sassy (Guitar), Azu♪ (Piano, Synthesizer), fanfan. (Bass) and Tymizz(Drums).
The album was Mixed and mastered by fanfan.
You can listen to the crossfade here:

The website also offers a couple of links to buy the album if you are in japan.

Upcoming Live: I/O/P vol.01

I/O/P vol.01I/O/P vol.01 Is a live event organized by IOSYS TRAX (D.watt & uno) that will take place at the plastic Theater in Sapporo (Japan).
Artist list:
Guest DJ:

  • PandaBoY


  • Tomoyuki Sakakida (GALAXY RECZ / somode / SenSe)
  • zak-raw (a-MUS!C★night)
  • K@NI
  • IOSYSの愉快な仲間達枠
  • D.watt
  • uno


  • 高井さん(Takaisan)
  • あいかぴん(aikapin)
  • ちよこ(chiyoko)


  • ツカツカ(tsukatsuka)

There seem to be no plan of streaming for this event.

Previews: IOSYS – Quaky Divines

New Album coming up from IOSYS, named Quaky Divines. Arranged mostly by uno (with the exception of a couple of songs with D.watt and RoughSketch). With vocals from あいかぴん(Aikapin), 高井さん(takaisan), あさな (asana) and ちよこ(chiyoko)

Here’s the crossfade:

The album will be released at their own upcomming event I/O/P vol.01 september 28th 2012.

A Summer’s Day Dream

Finally after a very long wait, the second episode of Touhou Project’s unnoficial Anime: A Summer Day Dream has been released by Maikaze during C82.

I think many were surprised by this, haing lost most hope of it being released at all.

I for one never lost hope and I’m really happy to see this, and I will now wait patiently for episode 3!

here’s the trailer:

You can visit their website here:

Welcome to Doujin Scene

Welcome to Doujin Scene.

We will keep you updated on the Doujin Scene, new and upcoming releases, twitter post by your favorite circles, reviews on releases. We will also keep you informed about your favorite circle’s members, bio,s interview, twitter/facebook/google+ interaction and more.

We’re starting with a C82 late coverage! (not so late)

Stay tuned!